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Using PUQ Read

Use puq read to read parameters, PDFs, and response surfaces from json files or python control scripts.

~/puq/examples/basic> puq read -h
Usage: puq read [options] [object] ...
    where 'object' is a URI, python file, or JSON file

  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  -c          Compare plots.

~/puq/examples/basic> puq read

List PDFs you want displayed, separated by commas.

Found the following PDFs:
0: x
1: y
Which one(s) to display? (* for all) *

You can use puq analyze to save PDFs to json files, then puq read to compare them. Or you can compare input parameters from a control file.

~/puq/examples/basic> puq read -c f.json g.json